As part of a special collaboration of Pratt Institute School of Industrial Design and NASA's WearLab for the NASA Wearable Technology Collaboration for Leveraging Universities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Research (CLUSTER), NAVI was born. 

As a ten week group endeavor , team NAVI projected ,proposed was to solve a problem in order to improve astronaut efficiency aboard the ISS, while being able to react with the responsive environment . We were to research , design,build and test a fully functioning prototype for NASA , which was then presented to them at the Johnson Space Center in the Spring of 2016, and is being tested with their WearLab engineers. 

Navi is a wearable device that helps in astronauts find Cargo Transfer Bags (CTB) in storage within the ISS, by using guiding prompts with LED's. This saves time , ultimately improving astronaut's efficiency while aboard the ISS which is the goal. Through our final testing phase we found a 34 % increase in efficiency with the use of NAVI in our trial.