Pratt Institute's Wearable Technology Studio in collaboration with NASA's WEAR lab. Our Project : NAVI was inspired through astronauts difficulty in finding items in storage aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Through visual cues describing proximity of the user to the desired object, NAVI helps aid in astronaut time efficiency on the ISS. In a conversation with Cory Simon, the head of NASA's WEAR lab, we were told that the finding items within  in storage is time consuming for the astronauts onboard the ISS. On the ISS, all items are stored in Cargo Transfer Bags (CTB), which are then stored in a rack system in storage units. With over 500 CTB's aboard the ISS (and many smaller bags within) . NAVI uses a library of codes which coincide with the already numbered CTB bag. The user inputs the code into the keypad and this initiates the Node which is embedded in the CTB. The LED display turns  a spectrum from blue to red, based on proximity to the node. The LED's embedded on the Node of the bag also light up green when NAVI is turned on. through these universally understood visual cues, NAVI can help anyone aboard the ISS find items in storage at ease. Through our user testing we found a 34% increase in efficiency using NAVI to find items in storage.

                       Our project was featured in a article about wearable technology :

NAVI will also be features at NASA's headquarters in Houston Texas at NASA Wearable Technology Symposium in April of 2016